Where To Go In Japan

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With Fascinating Cities & Countryside, Japan Travel Needs Planning

Japan is complex, exciting and beautiful, with glamourous cities, culture, countryside and parks, and where to go can pose a problem for the first time visitor.

For food lovers, Japan is high on the list of countries to visit, Tokyo alone having more Michelin stars than any other city in the world. For adventure lovers, canyoning, the newest adrenalin sport, is guaranteed to set the pulses racing, while for sight-seeing, heritage and subculture, Japan offers unrivalled experiences.

Food in Japan

Starting with the tuna auctions at Tokyo’s famous Tsukji Fish Market which is the largest of its kind in the world, a tour of the restaurants in the capital – even if it’s only to check on the menus – is quite an experience.

Beyond Tokyo the traveller is tempted with smoked oysters in Hiroshima, Hida beef in Atacama and monastic vegetarian food in Konya-san, all of course, washed down with local sake. And it would be a shame to miss out on a traditional Japanese tea-ceremony and dinner at a traditional izakaya restaurant.

What is Canyoning?

Canyoning is an exhilarating combination of abseiling and jumping waterfalls and cliffs, shooting down natural chutes and swimming through pools. From late April until October, this new and exciting adventure sport can be enjoyed in Musasabi Canyon in Shikoku or Kusatsu in Gunma Prefecture.

A multitude of courses are available to suit all levels. In many cases, canyoning is the only way to see and experience these beautiful places. Responsible Travel offers trips and courses on Canyoning.

Other sports available in Japan

Opportunities exist to be a spectator at Sumo wrestling (or even to learn the art), to swim off some of the loveliest beaches in Asia, and to experience really good ski-ing in winter

Culture and Heritage

From modern skyscraper Japan to historical and cultural Japan, a trip between Tokyo and Kyoto is recommended. Heritage sites along the way include the Kiyomizu Temple, the Golden Pavilion, and Nijo Castle, and although not a heritage site, the hot springs at the foot of Mt. Fuji should not be missed.

Spiritual & Mystic Japan

Mysticism and spiritualism play a large part in Japanese life, especially in the islands, particularly Miyajima Island, said to have been sanctified by the gods themselves, and Kudakajima, said to be the heart of the gods. There are other rarely visited islands associated with ancient legends of the gods, all of which are said to restore peace and tranquillity to those who visit.

Intrepid Tours offers journeys through cities, mountains, valleys and paddy-field plains which take in the culture of Japan. Opportunities abound to take part in some of activities such as soba noodle making, rice paper making and the chance to experience meditation alongside local monks.

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